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Promise of Hope - Commitment to Change
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Southern First Nations Network of Care
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Message from CEO

It has been just over ten years since the Southern First Nations Network of Care came into being and changed the face of Child and Family Services in Manitoba and Canada. There have lots of positive changes over that time period and also lots of hard times and growing pains. The nature of CFS is not one of comfortableness and easiness. It is a hard field to be in and the staff of the Southern Network and Agencies work really hard at trying to "do the right thing". The definition of "doing the right thing" can vary from situation to situation.

Collectively, with our Agencies, we came up with a vision for that change. Our mission is...

" be so successful that all children, families, and communities will be healthy, strong, empowered and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. Services and resources will align with community needs; and activities will be more focused on prevention than crisis management. It will serve as a model of successful self-governance that will inspire similar levels of professionalism, compassion and effectiveness among all CFS Agencies."

We have not diverted from that course and find ourselves more determined to arrive at that point. Our ten Agencies need to guide us through the process and we need to support them as much as possible in the valuable work that they do.

As a former Executive Director (21 years), I have lived through the challenges and know that with our combined knowledge and efforts we can reach a point where we can see we are "doing the right thing" for our children, families and communities. As we move into the next decade we must use our combined voices to effect the change that we so desperately need. We speak of "change" so "we must be the change".

In my role as the Chief Executive Officer of the Southern Network of Care my priorities are clear and have not changed too much from what they were ten years ago. Going forward I will be promoting the following:

  • Get the SFNNC out of Administration and have an effective functioning Board of Directors
  • Develop good positive working relationships with the ten Agencies we work with.
  • Develop a positive working relationship with the Leadership of the Southern First Nation communities
  • Develop culturally appropriate "way of doing the right thing"
  • Make a concerted effort to work with Agencies in keeping children out of care (prevention programming), in their own communities (kinship care) and development of specialized resources


Bobbi Pompana
Southern First Nations Network of Care