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Southern First Nations Network of Care
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Education & Training Program

The development of an Aboriginal workforce has been identified as one of the most critical aspects of the AJI-CWI. The Southern First Nations Network of Care believes that any education and training initiative must be part of a broader vision. This vision involves two pillars of providing education and training:

  1. The first pillar focuses on the enhancement of the existing workforce. This is done by providing ongoing support and training.
  2. The second pillar focuses on the development of a new workforce through broader efforts. These efforts centre upon building and enhancing the academic and practical qualifications of Aboriginal peoples who are new to the child and family services system.

This comprehensive strategy looks at workforce requirements over the long term and includes strategies that build and enhance skills within the existing workforce. It ensures an available pool of qualified individuals to meet future workforce needs. Education and training programs are offered to a broad range of Agency and Authority staff on an ongoing basis.

To facilitate coordination and collaboration of training across the Province, the Southern Authority, through its Education and Training Coordinator, participates in a joint training team. This training team is an initiative aimed at developing and implementing a “single window” approach to education and training. All four Authorities participate in this initiative.

The joint training team undertakes a number of functions related to the development, delivery and coordination of education and training initiatives. This includes:

  • Conducting needs assessments.
  • Completing inventories.
  • Negotiating with training institutions for training spots.
  • Building partnerships with existing education and training institutions.
  • Establishing curriculum committees.
  • Securing funding for various initiatives.

For more information on available education and training opportunities, please contact the SFNNC Education & Training Coordinator at (204) 783-9190.