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Southern First Nations Network of Care
Service Support
Service Support

Intake Services

Intake is the first point of contact for all referrals and inquiries regarding child welfare matters that come to the Southern Network. Intake provides initial services and when needed, refers the matter to the appropriate Southern Network unit.

Foster Care Services

Services include:

  • Foster parent appeals regarding removal of children from a foster home
  • Foster parent appeals regarding refusal or revoking of a foster home licence
  • Enquiries regarding foster care
  • Complaints from and/or about foster parents and/or foster homes
  • Foster Home Licences
    • Monitoring agency compliance with licencing standards
    • Request for variances to foster home licences
    • Assisting and coordinating foster home training and orientation
    • Assisting agencies with foster parent recruitment
    • Liaison with central coordination unit for foster homes

Services to Children in Care

Services focus on assisting agencies with providing services to children in care. These include:

  • Case planning
    • Consultation with agencies in the development of comprehensive case plans for all children in care
    • Assisting agencies with planning for adolescent children in care transitioning into adulthood and out of care
    • Annual Reviews of Children in Care
    • Supporting agencies in planning for children in care to live on their own
    • Planning for children with special needs
  • Birth alerts to hospitals regarding infants who may be in need of protection
  • Review of requests to extend care past the age of 18
  • Reviewing rates paid for children in care
  • Reviewing agency adoption plans
  • Assisting agencies with giving a voice to youth in care

Repatriation Services

The Southern Network assists birth families, adoptees, and adoptive families in the reunification process. This includes:

  • Searches
  • Assistance with the post-adoption registry
  • Treaty reinstatements
  • Compiling birth family history and information on community profiles

Services to Children Living with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

The Southern Network provides consultation and training opportunities to agencies on behalf of children & families living with a FASD. Services include:

  • Development of partnerships with agencies, communities and government supports services
  • Development of holistic case plans for children in care using best practice guidelines for First Nations children and families
  • Providing training on FASD related issues for agencies, foster parents and birth parents
  • Case consultations with agency staff
  • Development of timely and effective diagnostic strategies
  • Public education and awareness of FASD

Services to Families

Services focus on assisting agencies with providing services to families. These include:

  • Consultation with agencies in the development of comprehensive case plans for services to families
  • Consultation with agencies in the development of prevention programming designed to keep children with their families
  • Enquiries regarding services to families
  • Following up with agencies on case planning for minor parents
  • Processing requests from families for a Change of Authority
  • Assisting families and intake agencies in resolving issues related to the Authority Determination Protocol (ADP)

Abuse Investigations

The Southern Network supports agencies in their role in conducting child abuse investigations by:

  • Assisting agencies in training and supporting regional child abuse committees
  • Assisting regional child abuse committees with registration on the Child Abuse Registry
  • Providing consultations on child abuse investigations
  • Data collection and reporting of statistics
  • Ensuring mandatory reporting on child abuse and serious injuries to children by agencies
  • Investigating complaints in regards to an agency’s handling of a child abuse investigation
  • Participation on various committees dealing with child abuse