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Vision Keepers (Quality Assurance)

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Southern First Nations Network of Care
Vision Keepers
Vision Keepers (Quality Assurance)

The Vision Keepers Unit works in collaboration with Southern Network staff and CFS agencies to monitor and ensure quality services are being provided.

Under subsection 4(2)(c) of The Child and Family Services Act (The CFS Act), and under section 25 of The Child and Family Authorities Act, the Director or and Authority has the power to conduct enquiries and carry out investigations.

Examples of the types of enquiries and investigations carried out by the Vision Keepers Unit includes:

Quality Assurance Reviews A regularly scheduled, comprehensive review of the programs and operations within an agency. This type of review may also be requested by an agency.

Program Reviews Program specific reviews may be conducted with any or all of the Southern Network agencies. Examples include: Reviews of Foster Care Programs, Abuse Programs, Special Rate Procedures.

Child Death Reviews - A review of the services provided by a CFS agency to a child who has died while in care of the CFS agency. Reviews are also done with respect to services to children who were not in care but were known to a CFS agency.

Mandate Reviews The Southern Network has the authority to grant, vary, or withdraw a mandate from a CFS agency. Reviews are done for any of these purposes.

Quality improvement plans are jointly developed and monitored by the CFS agency and Southern Network to implement the review recommendations.