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Youth Engagement

Empowering Youth Engaging Spirits for Mother Earth

Empowering Youth Engaging Spirits for Mother Earth (EYES for ME) is a project - developed by the Southern First Nations Network of Care. The EYES for ME project seeks to engage willing Aboriginal youth currently in care and at risk youth within the City of Winnipeg who are between the ages of 10 – 24 years old.

Through a series of modules and teaching sessions, the project provides cultural repatriation, a sense of identity, and Aboriginal history, to youth who have not had the opportunity to experience otherwise. Several traditional and healthy living activities will take place such as: ceremonies, pipe teachings, Sweat Lodge, Sundance, drumming, medicine gathering, traditional skill building, historical analysis and perspectives, residential school impacts, urban awareness such as gangs, suicide, healthy sexuality, and learning sessions on topics such as tribal histories, identity, clans and treaties. With guidance and support from Elders and Spiritual Helpers this project will run Monday to Friday and Weekends.

This project is open to all Aboriginal youth from Southern Manitoba living in Winnipeg as a result of their being in care, as well as any other youth who wishes to participate. This project aims to assist youth who may feel culturally disenfranchised to cultivate a strong Aboriginal identity by putting them on a path for personal success and contributing to a strengthened community through cultural experiences that are mentored from elders, other youth and an experienced youth team.

The project will be based out of Ji-zhaabwiing, located at 800 Adele Avenue in Winnipeg. It will be coordinated by Raymond Delaronde, Program Manager for Ji-zhaabwiing, along with the EYES for ME Youth Coordinator Team. Please contact (204) 772-9900 for further info.

EYES for ME – Youth Coordinator Team

Marlene McDougall is an Oji-Cree from north eastern Manitoba, born and raised in Winnipeg. Marlene graduated from Children of the Earth High School and is a women’s traditional dancer. Marlene has been involved in numerous youth initiatives here in Winnipeg and is recognized as a positive role model; most notably Marlene danced in the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics.

Maeengan Linklater is an Anishnabe from North-Western Ontario. He has lived in Winnipeg for the past 20 years. He is a father, writer, community advocate, and a firm believer in community change.

Raena Baker is a proud Ojibway woman born and raised in the Winnipeg area. She has recently, in these past few years, started exploring her Aboriginal identity and putting both feet forward to becoming a positive role model to our youth; who are our leaders of today and tomorrow.

Lawrence Angeconeb an Anishinabe from Red Lake, Ontario region, who grew up and was raised in the North End, graduated from Children of the Earth High School, has been involved with numerous youth initiatives in Winnipeg.

Our Team & EYES for ME

As a team we strongly support the aims of this project in providing cultural programming to all youth in Winnipeg. As youth we struggled to find a program and people to give us a sense of history of where we came from.

Aboriginal culture from various tribes has many gifts to offer to those seeking their identity; hold questions about their future; and would like something positive in their life. The teachings, ceremonies, language, the land, everything about Aboriginal culture can open up new beginnings and provide support to youth in Winnipeg. We as a team want to be helpers for all these things.

We feel the New Program is Great! It is a much needed program for youth in the city of Winnipeg.

We are excited about all the possibilities the program brings to youth and their families. It will assist them in their identity and continuing to be positive role models for their families and peers.

Finally we believe the EYES for ME program is an exciting opportunity to connect urban Aboriginal youth with their history, culture and sense of identity.

Our Personal Message to Youth

Our message that we want to share with youth is to learn your language, culture and be proud of who you are; also to continue to be positive and follow your dreams.

Knowledge is power; never stop learning and growing. Youth are the leaders of today and we are depending on you to pass on our traditions and be our storytellers.

'Each one reach one, each one teach one, each one bring one into the sun.' -- A motto from a youth program in New York city, that every youth has a place and it is up to each and every person to bring young people into a circle that makes a young person’s own personal light shine, meaning the best of youths gifts and talents are being spotlighted, supported, nurtured and encouraged in the best way possible.

We hope that the work we do brings a feeling of optimism, confidence and self-awareness for all urban Aboriginal youth and their families.

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